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Pricing & Reimbursement Submissions

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In order to achieve reimbursement for your products you need to submit a number of documents and deliverables to payers and HTA bodies. Requirements will differ whether your product is a medicine, medical device or e-health solution but typically encompass Pricing & Reimbursement dossiers, health economic models and literature reviews. Justin Stindt Consultants can help you generate all deliverables required for successful Pricing & Reimbursement submissions and Market Access.

Pricing & Reimbursement dossiers

Each market has unique pricing and reimbursement dossier requirements. Let us assist you in customizing your value proposition and delivering impactful dossiers to enable Market Access for your products.

Learn more about popular markets by visiting their specific pages on our website:

Pricing reimbursement dossiers services

Early Access Programmes / reimbursed early access programs

Innovative medicines for diseases with a high unmet medical need may reach patients significantly ahead of regular Marketing Authorization and reimbursement decisions through early access programs. Requirements vary from country to country. Find out more about these programs in key markets France, Germany and Italy.

Health economic models

Health economic modeling is a process for synthesizing and comparing the costs and outcomes of medicines or devices over a specified period of time in order to help decision-makers make informed decisions about policy development, treatment strategies, and resource allocation. Health economic models are used to make reimbursement decisions, to support market access strategies, and to inform clinical decision-making. In several markets they are a mandatory requirement of Pricing & Reimbursement submissions. Learn more

Systematic literature reviews

In the healthcare industry, a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) is a rigorous and comprehensive methodology used to gather, evaluate, and synthesize existing published literature relevant to a specific research question or topic related to medicines, medical devices, or medical treatments or interventions. In this context, SLRs follow a structured and comprehensive approach that aims to provide an objective and unbiased summary of the available evidence and knowledge on a specific healthcare topic. Many HTA bodies require SLRs as part of the Pricing & Reimbursement dossiers.

Systematic Literature Review (SLR) methodology

Project Management Support With Local Market Access Deliverables (e.g. dossiers, models, systematic reviews)

Many pharma, biotech and MedTech companies do not have the resources in house to ensure the effective project management of the workstreams to produce local Market Access deliverables such as Pricing & Reimbursement dossiers, economic models and systematic literature reviews. This can be due to resource constraints, lack of Market Access expertise and experience in the team or simply a vacancy in the team.

Our comprehensive project management encompasses building detailed plans, defining and measuring Key Performance Indicators, and effective information sourcing. We ensure thorough planning, regular team meetings, and extensive reviews, guiding projects from draft to submission and ensuring compliance with stringent standards.

Project Management Encompasses Building Detailed Plans

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