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Payer & HTA engagement

JSC helps you engage with payers & HTA decision makers from early advice meetings and advisory boards to hearings

Justin Stindt Consultants Supports Pharma, Biotech, Medtech and E-health Companies With Payer & Hta Engagement

Lifescience companies need to engage with payer and health technology appraisal body customers repeatedly over the product lifecycle. In this context it is essential to identify the right stakeholders and engagement opportunities. As these are scarce and invaluable occasions, it is essential for companies to ensure properly trained Market Access experts lead these engagements and that they are equipped with the right tools and payer value proposition for such meetings. Our agency has extensive experience in accompanying clients in elaborating compelling Payer Value Propositions, leading discussions with payers and HTA bodies as well as offering tailored Market Access training solutions.

Health Technology Appraisal Advice Meetings

HTA advice meetings are designed to help companies obtain input from HTA bodies on evidence requirements to design robust and relevant clinical trials and development programs to improve the chances of successful HTA submissions.
The most popular are the following:

Health Technology Appraisal Advice Meetings

Payer advisory board

Advisory boards serve as a platform for open and collaborative discussions, allowing companies to tap into the expertise and knowledge of payers, clinical experts and industry leaders. They provide an opportunity to gain valuable insights into various aspects of a product’s development, including clinical trial design, market access considerations, pricing and reimbursement strategies, and understanding the evolving competitive landscape. By leveraging the collective wisdom and experience of payer advisory board members, companies can refine their strategies, identify potential challenges, and seize market opportunities. Selecting a market access agency with the right capabilities is critical for the success of such a meeting.

Payer value proposition

In most healthcare systems around the world, pharmaceutical, biotech, MedTech, and eHealth companies must demonstrate the value of their products to payers (e.g., health authorities, insurance companies, etc.) to gain reimbursement and secure successful market access. Without a strong payer value proposition (PVP), payers may be reluctant to cover the cost of new drugs, devices, or technologies, limiting the potential market for the company worldwide.

Payers typically rely on evidence-based assessments of a product’s clinical and economic value before making any coverage decisions. Pharmaceutical companies that can provide compelling clinical and economic value propositions for their drugs supported by reliable data sources are more likely to gain payer acceptance and reimbursement. The same holds true for medtech companies and e-health providers.

Stakeholder mapping and engagement plans / payer mapping and engagement plans

Stakeholder mapping and engagement plans are critical for pharmaceutical, biotech, MedTech, and e-health companies to optimize Market Access, Patient Advocacy, and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) engagement. This involves identifying pivotal institutions and individuals in the selected countries and ranking these according to their level of impact, key priorities and unmet needs, their willingness to engage, and their key engagement opportunities. Finally, it is important to elaborate a detailed engagement plan and align with your company´s medical and market access teams for implementation.

Market Access training

Pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech companies recognize Market Access as a crucial function in the organization for commercial success. This requires sourcing of Market Access talent and training of existing employees. This ranges from basic Market Access training for commercial and medical audiences to highly sophisticated training for Market Access specialists in global and country teams. Even seasoned Market Access professionals appreciate and require regular training to stay up to date with the constantly changing regulations and Market Access environment.

Pharma Market Access Training

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