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Global Pricing & Reimbursement Support

Our agency helps you optimize your global pricing and reimbursement based on payers' perceptions of the value of your product and their price sensitivity


Welcome to Justin Stindt Consultants, your dedicated partner in devising proficient global pricing and reimbursement strategies. Our agency supports clients with comprehensive approaches towards global pricing and reimbursement in the pharmaceutical, biotech and MedTech industries, ensuring that your new products not only gain access to the market, but do so in a manner that maximizes profitability and sustainability. Leverage our global network of payers, clinical experts, and a team of specialized consultants to address your Market Access challenges. 

Pricing & Reimbursement strategies

To successfully provide sustainable access to a new medicine or medical device, it is essential to have a robust pricing & reimbursement strategy that maximizes profits and/or access. An understanding of the Pricing & Reimbursement opportunities, willingness to pay, international reference pricing implications, and value drivers for payers, key opinion leaders, and other decision-makers is crucial to inform the pricing strategy and launch sequence.

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Strategic Advice on Pricing & Reimbursement Pathways

Countries apply different Pricing & Reimbursement pathways for products depending on the setting of care (retail, hospital outpatient, hospital inpatient), type of product (medicines, medical devices, e-health solutions) and regulatory classification (e.g. orphan designation). For manufacturers it is fundamental to understand which pathways will be applied in order to engage the relevant decision makers and enable Market Access.

Explore Market-Specific Insights:

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Analogue research / price benchmarking

Analogue research is a powerful methodology to draw upon the experiences of similar products or treatments in similar market situations to analyze the key levers that led to their success or failure. We leverage Health Technology Assessment (HTA) appraisals, Pricing & Reimbursement databases, scientific literature and guidelines in multiple languages and various Business Intelligence sources in our thorough and systematic approach.

Analogue research / price benchmarking services

International Reference Pricing (IRP) / IRP model / IRP management

Many countries use international reference pricing as part of their healthcare reimbursement systems. Low prices in referenced countries may lead to a low international reference price and, therefore, introduce reimbursement barriers at sustainable prices and hinder market access for a drug. Optimal IRP management to maximize profitability and prevent price erosion is essential for companies operating in an international environment and requires the necessary expertise and tools

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Market Access Landscape assessment

Each market has its own set of pricing and reimbursement mechanisms and a different approach to Market Access. When launching new products, companies need to understand the Market Access landscape they will encounter and choose the launch sequence strategically. By analyzing the pricing and reimbursement landscape in advance, which many companies do prior to pivotal data readout, companies can identify markets where their product is likely to meet the most favorable pricing and reimbursement landscape and uptake conditions to maximize the chances of a successful launch.

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