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Project management support to produce local Market access deliverables

(e.g. dossiers, models, systematic reviews)

At Justin Stindt Consultants, a leading global consulting agency, we specialize in project management support for Pharma, Biotech, and Medtech companies. Understanding the challenges in producing key market access deliverables, our team of experts fills critical gaps in resource, expertise, and team capacity. Our comprehensive project management encompasses building detailed plans, defining and measuring Key Performance Indicators, and effective information sourcing. We ensure thorough planning, regular team meetings, and extensive reviews, guiding projects from draft to submission and ensuring compliance with stringent standards. As your consulting partner, we provide the necessary support to navigate complex project workflows, ensuring successful delivery of essential market access documents. Trust Justin Stindt Consultants for expert project management and market access success. 

Effective Project Management is a critical success factor in developing Market Access deliverables such as Pricing & Reimbursement dossiers

Many pharma, biotech and MedTech companies do not have the resources in house to ensure the effective project management of the workstreams to produce local Market Access deliverables such as Pricing & Reimbursement dossiers, economic models and systematic literature reviews. This can be due to resource constraints, lack of Market Access expertise and experience in the team or simply a vacancy in the team.

project management support for pharma

Effective project management involves a number of key activities and factors such as:

  • Building and managing a project plan including project milestones and interdependencies with other projects
  • Defining project Key Performance Indicators and Deliverables and measuring these on a regular basis
  • Sourcing of the required information within the organization
  • Regular project team meetings and status reports
  • Extensive review and quality check of draft deliverables
  • Finalization of deliverables, in many organizations formal legal, regulatory, medical and compliance review is required
  • Submission of deliverables e.g. Pricing & Reimbursement dossiers to the relevant authorities
  • Project close, appropriate archiving of project resources and outputs


Justin Stindt Consultants is your agency to ensure effective project management of your Market Access projects and deliverables

project management support service provider

Justin Stindt Consultants, as an international service provider, is your agency with the right experts with extensive experience in managing project teams producing Market Access deliverables such as Pricing & Reimbursement dossiers, economic models, systematic literature reviews. Justin Stindt Consultants has helped many clients develop these deliverables and manage a network of local vendors working on country-specific deliverables and adaptations of global resources. Our firm has helped a wide range of clients from small biotech companies without a physical presence in Europe up to big pharma and Medtech companies facing a vacancy in their Market Access teams.

Many clients have found that the support of our agency including a dedicated account lead and at least 1 back-up offers a more powerful and consistent solution than a single contractor.

Our commitment and support go beyond providing Market Access strategy to help you with hands on implementation and project management, whether this requires reviewing local submissions or participating in price negotiations on your behalf.

If you are looking for a vendor to support your Market Access deliverables, select a service provider with a successful track record of producing and delivering Market Access deliverables which will resonate with the authorities. More than just a mere interim supplier or contractor, Justin Stindt Consultants will partner with you and can provide full-service support including engagement with the authorities.

Contact our firm today to learn how we can tailor our services to meet your unique needs and help you successfully manage your Market Access projects.

Meet one of our Project management support experts

Anne Stindt
Anne has a successful track record in leading project teams towards ambitious goals and timelines. As an experienced project manager, she can support clients to produce market access deliverables such as P&R dossiers, economic modelling and systematic literature reviews. She helps pharma, biotech and medtech firms developing and executing project plans.

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