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Systematic literature reviews

Welcome to Justin Stindt Consultants, the global consulting agency that specializes in the meticulous process of Systematic Literature Reviews (SLR) in the pharma, biotech and medtech sectors. SLRs are pivotal in providing an unbiased and comprehensive summary of existing literature, crucial for decision-making in medicines, medical devices, and treatments. Our team of experts adeptly navigates the structured approach of SLRs, ensuring that the evidence gathered supports Health Technology Assessments (HTA), regulatory approvals, and comparative effectiveness studies. Whether you’re aiming for a deeper understanding of your product’s positioning against competitors or seeking insights for regulatory approvals, Justin Stindt Consultants stands as your dedicated service supplier in harnessing the power of systematic literature to inform and guide your strategies.

Systematic Literature Review supports decision making and HTA appraisal

In the healthcare industry, a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) is a rigorous and comprehensive methodology used to gather, evaluate, and synthesize existing published literature relevant to a specific research question or topic related to medicines, medical devices, or medical treatments or interventions. In this context, SLRs follow a structured and comprehensive approach that aims to provide an objective and unbiased summary of the available evidence and knowledge on a specific healthcare topic. 

pharma systematic literature reviews

See below two examples (not comprehensive) of contexts where SLRs are needed or recommended:

  • Health Technology Appraisals (HTA) and regulatory approvals: In many healthcare systems, SLRs are a fundamental part of health technology assessments and regulatory approvals, as these provide decision-makers with the needed clinical and economic information to inform their decisions
  • Comparative effectiveness, safety, and quality of life (QoL): Conducting an SLR is also needed to compare different drugs or treatment options for the same condition. It allows for identifying the evidence that can, later on, be used to conduct Indirect treatment comparisons (ITCs) and meta-analysis. Outcomes of the SLRs can also be very insightful for companies to understand the positioning of their products against their competitors

Justin Stindt Consultants is your agency to develop Systematic Literature Reviews (SLRs) to support your decision making and HTA appraisal

Systematic Literature Reviews Consulting Agency

Justin Stindt Consultants is your agency with the right experts with extensive HEOR experience in conducting rigorous and comprehensive SLRs. Justin Stindt Consultants has helped many pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech clients develop SLRs to support decision making and HTA appraisal. Our agency supports clients with building a robust search strategy, extracting the right information and summarizing the SLRs in a transparent manner meeting the standards required by HTA bodies such as NICE and G-BA.

If you are looking for a vendor to conduct systematic literature reviews (SLRs), select a service provider that will go beyond the basics to provide you with SLRs meeting the standards set by HTA bodies and delivering the information to support your strategic decision making. More than a mere SLR supplier, Justin Stindt Consultants will partner with you and can support you with making the right strategic decisions based on the evidence sourced from the SLRs.

Contact our firm today to learn how we can tailor our services to meet your unique needs and deliver the SLRs to support your decision making and successful HTA appraisal.

Meet one of our Systematic literature reviews experts

Eva Brčić
Eva has relevant HEOR experience in conducting rigorous and comprehensive SLRs. She has supported many pharma, biotech and medtech clients in developing SLRs to support decision making and HTA evaluation. She has worked on developing robust search strategies, extracting the right information and synthesising the SLRs in a transparent way that meets HTA standards.

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