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Health Technology Appraisal Scientific advice

In the strategic arena of Health Technology Appraisal and scientific advice discussions, Justin Stindt Consultants stands as a pivotal consulting agency. Our team, proficient in Pharma, Biotech, and Medtech market access, provides essential guidance through complex appraisal processes. As an esteemed global consulting firm, we specialize in facilitating productive dialogues between healthcare innovators and HTA bodies, including national agencies such as HAS, G-BA and NICE as well as EU joint scientific consultations (JSCs). 

Our experts and consultants offer unparalleled expertise in navigating the nuanced requirements of health technology appraisals. This includes preparing for and participating in scientific advice discussions, a critical step in ensuring that healthcare technologies meet the stringent evidence requirements set by health authorities. As a global agency, Justin Stindt Consultants brings a comprehensive understanding of international regulations and practices.

Our role as a market access service provider and market entry service provider extends beyond mere consultation. We act as strategic partners, leveraging our international team of experts to help clients successfully maneuver through the appraisal process, ensuring their innovations achieve market entry and patient access. Trust Justin Stindt Consultants, your international consulting agency, for expert support in health technology appraisals and scientific advice discussions.