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Pharma Market Access Agency

The core objective of pharmaceutical Market Access is to ensure that pharmaceutical products of high quality and therapeutic value are made available to patients in need, while also ensuring sustainable pricing and reimbursement. This involves navigating the complex landscape of healthcare systems, payer policies, and regulatory frameworks to secure appropriate market entry and coverage for pharmaceutical products. Justin Stindt Consultants is an agency specialized in Pharmaceutical Market Access and has helped many clients of the pharma industry to achieve coverage for their medicines.

Pharma market Access Challenges

Bringing new medicines to patients is a complex and challenging endeavour for the pharma industry. Research & development cycles are long, have high attrition rates and require heavy investment before positive returns are in sight. Market Access is an increasingly complex task which requires multidisciplinary teams to generate the right evidence and deliverables for payers and HTA bodies. Many medicines which are successful in clinical trials and in securing Marketing Authorization fail to achieve Market Access as payers deny reimbursement because of insufficient evidence or significant mismatch between payer willingness to pay and industry aspirations. 

However, with careful strategic planning, engaging payers early in scientific advice and setting up the right evidence generation programs chances of Market Access can be significantly enhanced. Once successful medicines can achieve universal reimbursement at sustainable prices and there are numerous blockbuster medicines.

In order to achieve this, pricing and reimbursement strategies play a pivotal role.

Pharma Market Access Challenges

Pharmaceutical Market access consulting with JSC

Pharmaceutical Market Access Consulting

Our agency has a strong track record consulting in the pharmaceutical industry, working with a diverse range of pharma clients. Our firm’s expertise extends beyond traditional Pricing & Reimbursement silos to encompass a holistic approach that leverages our company’s in-depth understanding of healthcare systems, pricing and reimbursement dynamics, health outcomes, strategic vision, and business sense. By integrating these elements, our agency creates comprehensive solutions which enable patient access to innovative medicines.

As a service provider to the pharma industry, we understand the importance of evidence generation and its impact on market access. Our team excels at identifying the key endpoints that will resonate with payers and designing studies that operationalize these endpoints effectively. Our consulting firm partners with clients to identify the magnitude of effect payers need to see in order to accept a relevant benefit, such as the ASMR (Amélioration du Service Médical Rendu) in France. By focusing on these critical aspects, as a pharma industry supplier, we ensure that our clients’ evidence packages align with payer expectations and increase the likelihood of successful reimbursement.
Furthermore, our agency helps our clients determine the return on investment of different evidence-generation programs. Our firm provides insights into how improvements in access and price can be achieved through investments in additional trials or evidence-generating activities. By quantifying the impact on commercial forecasts, our consulting agency enables our clients to make informed decisions about resource allocation and prioritize evidence-generation initiatives that yield the highest returns.

More than just a vendor, we partner with clients in delivering actionable strategies that truly create value and access. Our consulting firm’s expertise in market access, evidence generation, and strategic consulting allows us to develop tailored solutions that address the unique challenges and goals of our pharmaceutical clients. By partnering with us, pharmaceutical companies gain a distinct advantage in navigating complex market landscapes, optimizing evidence-generation programs, and ultimately achieving commercial success.

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