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Global Market Access
JSC, the global consulting agency that provides specific, in-depth market access solutions tailored to your needs
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Our experts at Justin Stindt Consultants are passionate about helping our clients ensure patient access to innovative medicines and medical technologies
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Our company builds relationships based on trust and integrity with clients and healthcare stakeholders in Pricing & Reimbursement

Justin Stindt Consultants

Experts in Pricing and Reimbursement Strategy & Market Access

Justin Stindt Consultants is a consulting firm specializing in Strategy & Market Access advisory services for the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries.

Our agency is passionate about enabling patient access to innovative medicines and technologies. We are a service provider to pharma, biotech, medtech and e-health clients, helping to determine what clinical evidence payers will need to see in order to grant reimbursement at a sustainable price. Our company comprises a team of experts leveraging secondary research e.g. in Pricing & Reimbursement databases, primary research with payers and clinical experts and our agency’s experience from hundreds of Market Access projects.

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Optimizing your global pricing & reimbursement


Our experts help you with optimizing your global pricing & reimbursement based on payers' perceptions of your product value and their price sensitivity

Transform your Payer Value Proposition into optimal Pricing & Reimbursement Dossiers


Our local teams transform your Payer Value Proposition into optimal Pricing & Reimbursement Dossiers and Submissions

Engaging your payer & HTA customers from early advice and advisory boards to hearings and negotiations


We support you with engaging your payer & HTA customers from early advice and advisory boards to hearings and negotiations



The Pharma industry is characterized by long research & development cycles and complex Market Access, but once successful, medicines can achieve universal reimbursement.


The biotech industry faces largely the same challenges & opportunities as the pharma industry but in addition to this financing rounds and Business Development & Licensing discussions play a pivotal role on the road towards successful Market Access.

Medical Devices

While regulatory approval is typically faster for Medical Devices compared to medicines, Pricing & Reimbursement is typically more complex and fragmented. Market Access for Medical Devices is a dynamic process which needs to be strategically managed throughout the product lifecycle.

e-Health / Digital Health

Market Access pathways for E-Health / Digital Health solutions are emerging and span from pilot projects to regular reimbursement pathways in key markets.

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Market access agency with a global reach


We are present in many countries and help life science companies define a global or local strategy for market access.

Justin Stindt Consultants – global market access agency with expertise across US, European and international markets

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