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Payer advisory boards

Unlocking Strategic Insights for Market Access Success

Justin Stindt Consultants, a specialized consulting agency in Pharma, Biotech, MedTech, and eHealth market access, emphasizes the importance of advisory boards in shaping market access strategies. Our consultants and specialists adeptly manage these meetings, bringing together healthcare professionals, payers, and industry experts for insightful discussions and strategic guidance.
Our comprehensive approach to advisory board management includes defining objectives, expert recruitment and coordination, seamless logistics for both physical and virtual meetings, and handling compliance requirements. We ensure effective moderation to encourage collaborative discussions, supplemented by pre-meeting surveys and post-meeting evaluations.
As a global consulting firm, we focus on harnessing the collective wisdom from these meetings, synthesizing insights into actionable reports to inform company strategy. Trust Justin Stindt Consultants to elevate your advisory board meetings, turning them into crucial tools for strategic planning and market success. 

Maximizing Market Access Strategy Success with Advisory Boards: A Comprehensive Approach

Advisory boards play a pivotal role in shaping successful market access strategies for pharmaceutical, biotech, MedTech, and eHealth companies. These forums bring together key stakeholders and decision makers, including healthcare professionals, payers, and industry experts, to provide valuable insights and guidance. At Justin Stindt Consultants, we recognize the importance of advisory boards in driving informed decision-making and optimizing market access outcomes.

Advisory boards serve as a platform for open and collaborative discussions, allowing companies to tap into the expertise and knowledge of industry leaders. They provide an opportunity to gain valuable insights into various aspects of a product’s development, including clinical trial design, market access considerations, pricing and reimbursement strategies, and understanding the evolving competitive landscape. By leveraging the collective wisdom and experience of advisory board members, companies can refine their strategies, identify potential challenges, and seize market opportunities. Selecting a market access service provider with the right capabilities is critical for the success of such a meeting.

Payer Advisory Board Pharma Market Access

Effective Management of Payer Advisory Boards

Organization of a successful payer advisory board involves many steps which our consulting agency can help you to perform:

  • Articulating the project objectives and strategic insights sought
  • Handpicking the best experts to advise on the subject matter
  • Recruiting of advisers, contracting, fulfilling compliance requirements as appropriate (e.g. obtaining employer approvals, notifying the French order of physicians etc.)
  • Meeting logistics: identifying date and time of meeting, venue (physical vs virtual meeting), adviser travel if required
  • Moderator guide and meeting materials
  • As appropriate pre-meeting survey and post-meeting evaluation
  • Moderation of advisory board, ensuring contribution of all experts and leveraging synergies across the panel of experts
  • Summary of meeting insights, development of advisory board report, executive summary
  • Thank you note to advisers, payment of honoraria and travel expenses
  • Leveraging payer advisory board insights to inform company decisions and strategy

Justin Stindt Consultants: Your Expert Consulting Firm for Payer Advisory Boards

Payer Advisory Board Consulting Agency

With our firm’s extensive experience in facilitating and moderating advisory boards, Justin Stindt Consultants is well-positioned to support our clients on their journey towards market access success. Our agency has a proven track record of designing and executing effective advisory board meetings that foster meaningful engagement and generate actionable recommendations.

At Justin Stindt Consultants, we have collaborated with numerous clients across therapeutic areas, including e.g. oncology, cardiology, neurology, and rare diseases. Our firm’s extensive experience spans both early-stage biotech companies seeking to integrate market access considerations from the outset, and established pharmaceutical biotech, MedTech, and eHealth companies looking for comprehensive strategies to optimize their commercial success. If your company is looking for a vendor to organize a payer advisory board, selecting our agency as your supplier will enable you to make the most of this opportunity to engage directly with your target customers.

Our company has facilitated advisory boards in various countries across Europe and North America, giving us a global perspective and enabling our team of experts to navigate diverse market landscapes. Many clients have selected us as their preferred consulting agency for their payer advisory boards and appreciate the full-service support spanning preparation, meeting logistics, moderation, and creation of an executive summary and detailed meeting report.

Contact our specialist today to learn how our agency can support you as a service provider to meet your unique needs and enable you to leverage the insights payer advisory boards can offer for successful market access in the Life Science industry.

Meet one of our Payer advisory board experts

Justin Stindt
Justin has organised and moderated numerous payer advisory boards, including defining objectives, recruiting and coordinating experts, managing compliance requirements and reporting. He is experienced in organising both physical and virtual meetings. His extensive payer network enables uniting the best experts and he is experienced in moderating payer panels.

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