Case study:
Indication prioritization

Indication prioritization and sequencing for an oncology asset with expected activity on multiple tumor types

Identification of indications with highest unmet need, lowest payer data requirements and highest willingness to pay helped to prioritize and sequence indications.


Novel oncology agent expected to show activity in several tumor types

Significant differences across indications in competitive landscape and unmet need

Need to prioritize indications and determine optimal sequence given limited research budget and differences in willingness to pay


Secondary research on previous payer decisions and HTA appraisals in oncology

Primary research with payers and KOLs in order to determine for each target indication:

  • Unmet need
  • Data requirements (endpoints and quantity of effect) to guarantee reimbursement
  • Willingness to pay


Significant differences across indications identified: e.g. moderate PFS improvement sufficient in high unmet need indication opposed to larger OS improvement required in indication with many competitors

Clear and actionable recommendations on lead indication and sequence in order to optimize pricing & reimbursement