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Our difference: Specific, in-depth insight on payer resonating evidence

Justin Stindt Consulting is a consulting firm specializing in Strategy & Market Access advisory services for the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industry.

We deliver specific and actionable insight on payer resonating evidence including endpoints, how to operationalize them and the required effect size.

And we determine return on investment of different evidence generation programs, e.g. impact on access, price and forecast an investment in an additional trial delivers.

Our holistic approach integrates in-depth understanding of healthcare systems, pricing & reimbursement, health outcomes, strategic vision and business sense to provide solutions truly creating value and access.


We help Life Science companies developing and realizing a common vision of value with payer, patient and prescriber customers throughout each phase of the product lifecycle.



Early insight to focus pre-clinical efforts on areas of highest payer, patient & prescriber unmet need
Early identification payer relevant endpoints and required effect size 

Proof of concept (Phase I/II)

Proof of concept (Phase I/II)

Input into phase II design to assess chances of meeting payer requirements and discharge later development risk

Phase III

Phase III

Payer rationalized phase III design
Development of market access and pricing strategy
Optimal preparation for P&R negotiations

Phase IV / post marketing

Phase IV / post marketing

Lifecycle management :
Maintain / extend access by post launch evidence generation
Maintain price by tight management of prices, e.g. management of international reference pricing

Experts in Market Access

Justin Stindt Consulting offers a wide range of Value & Access Solutions

Payer advisory boards

In-depth payer & expert advice, facilitated by our experienced moderators

Payer research

Specific, actionable payer insight to help you make the right decisions

Evidence generation workshops

Identifying ways to generate compelling evidence of your product’s value

Pricing and Market Access strategies

Strong value propositions leading to optimal pricing & reimbursement

Mock negotiation workshops

Optimal preparation also for the tough questions enabling you to get to a win-win

Return on investment

of different payer value propositions & evidence generation programs

Early stage assessments

Target product profiles and forecasts for early stage assets

Indication prioritization and sequencing

Prioritizing resources on most promising opportunities

Market Access training

Customized solutions for medical, commercial & market access audiences