Case study:
Tailoring value propositions

Tailoring value propositions to each payer’s needs enabling market access in many different circumstances

Custom-made value propositions secured market access where one-size-fits-all approach would have failed.


New product launching with limited data to differentiate vs generic competition.

Significant price difference between branded product and generic competitors.

Marketing aspired to broad 1st line positioning and premium pricing – this was challenged by payers and significant market access challenges expected


Payer advisory boards in order to tailor payer value proposition to each payer's needs:

  • Broad 1st line positioning & premium pricing where feasible
  • Price concessions where necessary and compensated by higher expected uptake and revenue
  • Subgroups with higher benefit as fallback

Payer research in order to determine optimal pricing and access strategy


Market access secured in majority of markets

Forecasts exceeded:

  • Rapid access in many markets due to compelling value proposition
  • Price concessions overcompensated by higher uptake

Fallback positioning enabled access in resource constrained environments where 1st-line positioning was not achievable